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If you are looking for a team or are a team looking for a player(s), please contact Melissa Doan at to add your information.

Junior Women

I am Cassidy Otto an experienced female curler looking for a competitive u18 or MJCT team. I have curled for 6 years with 3 years in curl MB development program.I have been competitive curling for the last 3 years in MJCT, u18, high school provincials , junior bonspiels, open bonspiels, as well as leagues. I will be moving to Winnipeg at the beginning of the season.  I enjoy playing lead, but can play other positions as well. Willing to join team as a fifth or spare as needed for weekend bonspiels or leagues. You can contact me at this email

Experience competitive female curler, looking for a competitive U18 team for the 2017-18 season. I have been curling for a total of 9 years, the last four at a competitive level, as well have curled in ladies leagues.  Have played various positions. Willing to play any position, or curl at any club.  I have competed in the MJCT the last few years, several U18 bonspiels, as well several open bonspiels.  Please Contact

Junior Men

We are a team of three players  turning 16/17  this year and are looking for an experienced skip who has like-minded goals for the 2017-2018 season. This is our first year together as a team and have competed in numerous Berth Spiels and various bonspiels with some success.  We would like to curl at a more competitive level and participate in the St. Vital Sunday night Super League, Berth Spiels as well as continue with the High Performance Program that we currently attend on Wednesday evenings.  We do have a great coach who is willing to help us get to the next level we are just needing a skip to complement our team.  We would like to move forward and grow together as a team while being successful and having fun at the same time. If interested please email Jasmine at or text 204-872-2462.

I am looking to find an established team or start a new team for the 2017-18 season that wants to curl at a competitive level and is willing to work towards reaching the provincials and beyond.  I have curled competitively for the last three years, two of which was with a Level 2 competitive coach.  I played third during the 2016-17 season but am willing to play other positions as required.  In the last two years, I have curled in MJCT events, U14 and U18 events, on my high school team as well as at the St. Vital Sunday night super league.  Please contact Derek at   

We are an experienced team of three players all turning 16 this year.  We are looking for an experienced skip or third who has like-minded goals for the 2017-2018 season. We have been finalists and champions in competitive U16 and U18 bonspiels, and have participated in the Junior Advanced Curling Program.  We curl in the St. Vital Sunday night Super League and practice on a weekly basis.  Our coach is an is an experienced Level 3 competitive coach..  If interested please email Scott at

I am currently looking for a junior team to finish off the 2016-2017 curling season with, and to find a new team for the 2017-2018 season. I am 15 years old, have been curling for 6 years, three of which at a competitive level. I currently play lead and second, am a power sweeper, and have spared as a third. For the past three years I have competed in the MJCT circuit, several U15, U18 and U21 bonspiels, curl for my high school where I competed in Provincials this past weekend, curl in the Sunday night junior league out of St. Vital, competed in the full MCO this year and am attending my second year of the High Performance junior curling program. I'm looking to join a team that wants to play at a competitive level, leagues and bonspeils, and compete within the MJCT circuit. Please contact Zach at 

We are an experienced team of three looking for a lead who has experience as well. And wants to curl lots and would like to play more competitive in the 2017-2018 season. We curl out of St Vital. If you are interested please email

My name is Colton Harris, I am 17 and I will be graduating from Birtle Collegiate this June, and hope to attend post secondary in Winnipeg the fall of 2017.  I have curled competively the past 3 years out of the Brandon Curling Club most recently curled as a Second on Team Dusessoy.  With this team we won Brandon Junior Super League, U18 berth – 2 years in a row, and U21 berth. You can reach me at 204 847 0888 or


My name is Traci Nickel. I have been curling for 20 years. I have been skipping for 18 years. I have recently had the opportunity to play in the 2017 Scotties berth. I am looking for a team that will support each other, a team that will listen to everyone's decision, and want to work on improving their game. Main goal is to all be on the same page and see where we all fit and go from there. If that is something you can relate to then send me an email at or text me 204-361-5086. 

My name is Kristen Beaumont and I am looking for a women's team to curl competitively with in Winnipeg/Winnipeg area.
I live in La Salle, Manitoba. I'm 30 years old, grew up in Winnipeg and have been curling since I was nine. I curled out of Charleswood through my junior years, participated in many bonspiels, and played on my high school team. Since then, I've kept up with curling in rec leagues in addition to sparing whenever needed. I have a lot of experience playing all positions (least experience with lead). I'm very passionate about curling and I am prepared to put in the time and effort it takes to play at a higher level and to be competitive.
I can be contacted at 204-801-5515 or I hope to hear from you.

We are seeking 2 female players/women's team to curl competitively with in Winnipeg.  We are seeking a team that will offer support on and off the ice.  Communication with respect to open ideas, suggestions and input from all team members.  With the goal for improving as a player and an overall team. We are both opened to travel as necessary for competitions and bonspiels.  We are eligible for berth and senior competitions.  We are both very passionate and committed to the game and mechanics of curling and prepared to put in the necessary time and effort that it takes to be a successful team.
Cathy Burtnack - Years of curling 30. Recently played in Travelers Provincial, second consecutive year.  Curl in 4 leagues per week, one being an open men's league and spare whenever possible.  Participated in several bonspiels through out the fall and winter.  Have played all 4 positions.  Have also completed some coaching courses.
Wendy Nyloluk - Years of curling 20.  Recently played in the Travelers Provincial. Curl in 4 leagues per week, one being an open men's league and spare whenever possible.  Participated in several bonspiels through out the fall and winter.  Have played all 4 positions.  Obtained level 1 coaching course.
If you are interested in discussing further you can contact either Wendy @204-541-1960 or Cathy @204-782-4668


My name is Quinn Ammeter, I am 22 years old and I am looking to start a Men's team based out of Springfield Curling Club in Dugald.   Looking to play in men's league, a few MCT events and the Eastman Viterra Championship regional. I can be contacted  at

My name is Dean Nero.  I will be a first year Senior in the 2017/18 season who is looking to join a competitive Senior Team as a front end player.  I am looking for a team that is aiming to secure a berth in the Senior Provincials for 2018, by playing together in a league, as well as any bonspiel(s), Senior Zones, Berth Spiels, or MCT event(s) that might be applicable.  Should the team also wish to give the 2018 Viterra a go; I would also be willing to participate in regular Men's Zones, Berth Spiels, Manitoba Open, or any other applicable regular Men's events.  I have recently played in The Safeway Select/Viterra Championships as a front end player (2015 & 2017).  If you are interested in discussing further, I can be reached by email or by text/voice @ 204-771-3243