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BINGO GRANTS 2014-2015

Each year CurlManitoba receives bingos from the Manitoba Lotteries Corporation.  These bingos take place at one of the two casinos, McPhillips Street Station and Club Regent, in Winnipeg and are assigned to us on a quarterly basis.  CurlManitoba is pleased to be able to offer our members the opportunity to work these bingo’s in exchange the clubs will be eligible to receive a bingo grant.


Bingo Grants are in 3 amounts, $1000, $650, $350.  The amount of the grant varies based on the role the club plays.  Members that work a bingo on their own receive $1000.  Members that choose to share the bingo that was assigned to them receive $350.  The member that works the bingo on behalf of the other club will receive $650. 

A shared bingo occurs when a member, who due to distance is unable to work the bingo assigned to them.    This member then shares their bingo with another member that is able and willing to work the assigned bingo.  The funds from this bingo are then shared using the split indicated above.


Grants are to be used for facility improvements, programming and or promotions.  Grants cannot be used to cover operational costs such as hydro bill, wages etc.


Members that choose to work a bingo will be required to provide four (4) workers 18 years of age or older.  The average length of a bingo is 3-4 hours. 


CurlManitoba has established a list of all of the members in Manitoba that would like to work a bingo.  When CurlManitoba receives its bingo assignments from Manitoba Lotteries we then reassign these bingos to our members.  Members are chosen based on “the next in line”.  Each member will be given approximately 30 days notice that they have been assigned a bingo.  Members that choose to decline the opportunity will be passed by and will have to wait until the next time their name comes up before receiving another bingo.

Members that volunteer to work a shared bingo do not lose out on their bingo opportunity as they are working the bingo on behalf of another member.  From time to time CurlManitoba also requires members to fill in on a short term or emergency basis.  Members that fill in on a short or emergency basis do not lose their place on the list either.

For more information regarding Bingo Grants, please contact Tracey at