Buy and Sell Equipment

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This page is for the exclusive use of curling clubs or other curling organizations who have used equipment for sale OR who are in the market for similar items. Opportunities may be posted here by submitting details (in brief) by Email to or by fax to 204-925-5720. Postings may be deleted at the end of the month following their first posting. Extensions must be requested.


For sale:  35 HP Ice plant 6RHI-3500 Tsk 3 Phase 208-230 or 460 voltR22

Dual Stage Chiller

5 hp Armstrong brine pump 8 on. impeller 3 in intake

100 gallon brine tank

Phone Dean Laval at 204-747-4086


Josh is looking for a used curling rock. Please call him at 204-291-9914 if you are selling one.

Teulon Curling Club

Teulon Curling Club is looking for a 30 ton ice plant.  If there are any clubs in Manitoba who are no longer operating and might be willing to part with their ice plant, the Teulon Curling Club is interested.  Please contact the Teulon-Rockwood Recreation Director - Chris - 204-861-0366 or

For Sale- 48 plastic curling handles

Please contact Brian Roy at for more information.

For Sale-2 Sets of Curling Stones and Ice Scraper
Laurier Curling Clib has at least 2 complete sets of curling rocks for sale as well as a powered Ice Scrapper.  A compressor is also available either for sale as a whole or parts.  If you know of any curling club that may be interested please contact Michelle or Anissa either by email or we can be reached by phone at204-447-2633


Starting a curling club in Brainerd, Minnesota, USA - we need rocks for 4 sheets. This will be arena curling. Used rocks would help with start-up cost. Anyone with used rocks for loan or sale please contact Frank Worden 612-961-9615 (Equipment Chairman, Brainerd Lakes Curling Association)

We are looking for some junior curling rocks for our schools (donations welcome and we can issue a tax receipt if they are donated, but we will purchase them if needed). We already have 1 full set (48) but they are all being used at this time. Our phys Ed teachers are using them as part of a six week curling unit. We have three dedicated outdoor sheets at our school in St. James and use our outdoor rink in Fort Garry.
Contact: Lawrence Hamm
Superintendent and Chief Executive Officer
Winnipeg Mennonite Elementary and Middle Schools (WMES Inc.)
Ph:  204-885-1032

Ashern Curling Club is looking for 2 complete sets of Junior rocks to be used for our Early Years School.  Please contact Monica Fuchs at 204-768-3031 or with details.

St.Lous, Missouri
The St Louis, Missouri curling club would like to purchase used curling stones and equipment for the club, which is just starting out.  If you have any used stones for sale please send us an email at  We will arrange for pickup from your location.