Coach Development Program

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Coach Development Program

Sponsored by the 1991 Grey Cup Legacy Fund

Being a coach takes passion and dedication.  Being a great coach often requires additional training.

The Coach Development Program enhances a coach’s ability to provide a higher standard of coaching for their athletes.   The program will assist coaches both on and off the curling ice while coaching their team.   Coaches will receive practical experience and training to improve and develop their knowledge and skills in theory, technical and practical coaching areas.  The program is during the curling season beginning late-October and concluding in March (6-months).  Coaches will receive training during CurlManitoba’s junior curling programs, as well as at a game in which their team is playing.  The program also provides coaches with an opportunity to network with other coaches and consultants.


  1. To assist coaches in developing their coaching skills.
  2. To promote and develop coaching excellence in Manitoba.
  3. To provide coaches of all levels with an opportunity to improve and develop their knowledge and skills in theory, technical and practical coaching.
  4. To provide coaches with experience and knowledge of using state of the art equipment and to-date video-analysis applications.


Coaches can receive their on-ice evaluation component in the Competition Coach Program.  Certified Coaches will receive a Professional Development credit.


Coaches must have completed Respect in Sport and Making Ethical Decisions online evaluation.  Also must be willing to or already have done a Canadian Police Information Check and Abuse Registry Check in the last three years.
Must attend a minimum of 10 on-ice training sessions.
Agree to provide program evaluation feedback.

The registration fee is $157.50 (incl. GST)/coach, which covers the training.
For an additional charge of $42 (incl. GST), a coach can take their on-ice Competition Coach evaluation.

Program Description:
The program is specifically designed for coaches who are working with athletes/teams at the Train to Train and the Train to Compete phases of the Long-Term Athlete Developmental Model for curling.

Coach the coach session is an integral part of the Coach Development Program.  Coaches will be trained by a certified consultant/coach on a specific development aspect of the game.  Such as… 

  • Detect and Correct Delivery and Brushing Technique
    Coaches will receive 15 hours of on-ice training in leading edge strategies used to correct delivery and brushing technique.  Coaches will learn the latest technical developments in Balance, Line of Delivery (LOD), Timing and Grip/Release and Rock Rotation.  As well, coaches will be trained to identify common brushing and delivery faults and have the knowledge of the priority order of correction when a curler demonstrates more than one fault at a time.
  • State of the Art Technology Training
    During the on-ice training sessions, coaches will receive training in the utilization of state of the art technology equipment such as a SMART broom, wireless speed traps and ipad applications to enhance development.
  • Pre-Game and Post Game Discussions and Effective Time-outs
    Coaches will receive a Game Consultation Session where as a Certified Competition Coach attends a game with the coach and his/her team to assist with administering a pre and post game discussion and calling effective time-outs.
  • How to Plan and Implement an Effective Practice
    Your success as a coach depends on how you plan and implement a practice, because curlers play in games exactly as they do in practice.  Coaches will receive an one-hour classroom session on how to plan, implement and evaluate a safe and effective practice appropriate to your athlete’s skill level and time of season. 
  • Pre-Competition and Competition Strategies
    Coaches will receive a 1.5 hour classroom session on pre-competition and competition strategies such as meal plans, scheduling, distractions, concerns, performance goals and contingency planning.  In addition, coaches will learn how to accurately debrief or evaluate a competition.
  • Strategy
    Coaches will receive on and off-ice strategy exercises to help their athletes learn strategy.   Discussion and critique of scenarios will be presented.

Register early, as space is limited!!  If you are interested in the Coach Development Program, please complete theapplication and send it to:
309-145 Pacific Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 2Z6
Or email:

Click Here for an application form

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Connie Laliberte, CurlManitoba’s High Performance Director at 204-981-7217 or email

Deadline for applications is October 14, 2016

This program is funded through CurlManitoba and Grey Cup Legacy Fund.