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If your team is looking for a coach or are a coach looking for a team, please contact Laurie Macdonell at or Connor Njegovan at to add your information.


Level 3 coach, experience on the World Curling Tour, looking for a competitive team.  If interested please email me at

Newly competitive ladies team with 20+ years of curling looking for a coach to help them in the path of a 2018 Scotties berth spot.  We can be contacted via email at or through Facebook at TeamNickel2017

My name is Steven Michaleski and I represent a team of 30 years old, meeting for the first time year. Curling experience of ~20 years each. Our mutual interest is that we regret not trying to curl at a competitive level sooner than now. We saught each other out with the idea of actual committing to something bigger then ourselves and committing to a competitive team. Everyone is here for the same reason. We are looking for a coach that can come in, get us on the right path, give us feedback, and guide us on what it takes to be elite.  If interested in helping please contact 

Steven Michaleski

204 806 2812