Asham Coaching Award

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Asham Coaching Award
In 2003 Asham Curling Supplies took over sponsorship of the “Coach of the Year” Award formerly sponsored by the 3M Corporation. This award is presented annually at the Junior Men’s and Junior Women’s Championships. All at each championship are invited to vote for their peers whom they feel best exemplify high standards of Sportsmanship and the Coaching Code of Ethics. One coach of a Junior Men’s team and one coach of a Junior Women’s team are selected.

Coach of the Year Award Recipients:

          Junior Men              Junior Women

2001    Bernie Shaw           Len Komyshyn

2002    Dennis Bueckert      Dennis Adams

2003    Hilton Wood           Jack Grassie

2004    Tom Clasper           Jack Grassie

2005    Tom Clasper           Jim Strath

2006    Hilton Wood           Calvin Edie

2007    Terry McRae           Alex Mowat

2008    Hilton Wood            Len Komyshyn

2009    Alex Mowat            Eric Montford

2010    Bill Kitching            Colin Grenkow

2011    Albert Bazinet         Rob Meakin

2012   Tom Clasper              Dale McEwen

2013   Wilf Peters              Cathy Gauthier

2014   Wilf Peters              Jim Watling

2015   Tom Clasper            Ross Derksen

2016   Theresa Payette        Duane Payette