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Curl Manitoba - Brandmark Introduction
Curl Manitoba wanted to create an icon to represent curling across the province, without using any of the literal curling symbolism or images that would be expected (the shape of Manitoba, a bison, a curling rock, house, or broom). In order to grow, this new identity needed to echo the progression that curling has experienced as a sport and a bright and promising future, without forgetting our strong roots that have made curling - and Curl Manitoba - an important part of our culture.

Our new brandmark is created from the circle of a curling house. The traditional outer ring has been broken down into four parts - representing the four members of a team - that come together to represent teamwork. These pieces come together and overlap to create a feeling of strength, never-ending movement, and continuous growth of the sport. The brandmark's typography has been custom designed to echo the symbol and help emphasize the overall feel that has been inspired by both vintage and modern Canadian athletics.