Curling Etiquette

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Curling is considered a gentleman’s sport because all curlers should have good etiquette.

A few things will make your curling experience more enjoyable.

  1. Always shake hands to start and end a game
  2. Mark up the score immediately on completion of an end
  3. When you are not delivering a stone stand to the side of the sheets between the hog lines
  4. Be as still and quiet as possible while the opposition is delivering a stone.  The opposition should do the same for you.
  5. Keep your equipment to the back of the backboards so no one trips over it
  6. When opposing team is delivering, only the skip and third should be behind the opposing skip watching the rock.
  7. Ensure curling equipment is clean to prevent debris from falling on the ice surface.
  8. Avoid standing in front of a opposing players shot after he has thrown.