Curling Lingo

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For Getting Started

Sheet The specific playing surface upon which a curling game is played
Team Four curlers who play together on a team in competitions
Curler Any person on a team
Lead  The first player on a team to deliver a pair of stones in each end
Second The curler who delivers the second pair of stones in an end
Third/Vice The curler who delivers the third pair of stones in an end and assists the skip in determining the direction of the team.  The curler acts as the skip when the skip is throwing their pair of stones
Skip The curler who determines the strategy, and directs the play for the team.  The skip delivers the last pair of stones in an end
Spare An alternate curler or substitute for any team
Stone A 42 pound round granite object
House The rings or circles or circles toward which play is directed consists of rings and a button
Button The circle at the centre of the house
4 foot  The ring closest to the button.  The ring measures 4 feet across   
8 foot The ring next to the 4 foot.  The ring measures 8 feet across
12 foot The ring next to the 8 foot.  The ring measures 12 feet across
Hacks  The foot-holds at each end of the ice from which a rock is delivered
Center Line    The line that runs down the centre of the sheet of ice
Hog Line A line 10 meters from the hack at each end of the ice.  Any stone not between the hog line and the back line is out of play
Tee Line   The line that runs across the sheet of ice and intersects the button
Backline The line across the ice at the back of the houses.  Stones that are over this line are out of play and must be removed
Backboards The place off and behind the ice for placing your equipment