Curling Academy

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The prupose of the program is not to simply bring curling into the school curriculum, but to create a program that promotes skill development and fitness for curlers. The program is a combination of off-ice and on-ice training to enhance skills and fitness. The program is firmly focusing on the development of curling skills.

Program Philosophy:

The philosophy of the Curling Academy is to provide students different paths to acheive academic and personal success. The program is designed to allow students the opportunity to develop their curling skills while not altering or sacrificing the provincial curriculum goals or expectations. Canada's athletes have too frequently been forced to choose between pursuing their sporting dreams and acquiring an education that will equip them for life after sport.

Program Rationale:

The school provides every student a chance to succeed academically. By offering a variety of programs we feel we can acheive this goal. Other programs such as these have been implemented in other parts of the country and the statistics have shown that students tend to acheive higher grades a s result of their involvement. The goals of the program is to enable to the student's two options:

1) An academic as well as athletic future

2) To education and train the students so that they develop a well balanced arsenal of skills and knowledge

The program facilitates the development of soft skills such as: peer relations, teamwork skills and problem solving skills. These skills benefit students beyond the walls of the curling rink.

Course Content:

The course content includes on-ice curling skills and off-ice skills. As well, the course offers nutrition and fitness componentsm in addition to many leadership activities. The entire program will help enhance the individual curling skills of the students as well as help develop future leaders of the community.


Content has been developed and implemented for Senior 1 and 2 programs and Senior 3 is currently being piloted.

For more information on the Curling Academy and implementing the program in your school please contact Elaine Owen by email at