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Friday Jun 02 2017

CurlManitoba has been working with Curling Canada to create an action plan to lobby Bell and Rogers as well as the MP’s associated with the Sport Channel rate hike.  It is our hope that with all curlers, curling club and Member Associations support through ongoing effort we can achieve traction to lower these rates for Curling Clubs.


Rogers and Bell recently increased fees paid for cable packages that include TSN and Sportsnet by licensed establishments with capacity over 100 people. Establishments licensed for seating for 100-200 people are facing an increase of approximately $300 per month to continue to show TSN and Sportsnet, in addition to their regular cable or satellite fees. This will ensure that an average location of this size would be facing an approximate $270 per month or $3,240 annual fee. Larger 300-seat locations will be charged $400 per month above basic cable prices.

TSN and Rogers argue "Live sports programming attracts big audiences to public viewing establishments, such as bars and restaurants. For many years, these venues have paid rates for sports content that were not reflective of the benefits they’ve enjoyed, due to the high volume of patrons that gather to watch sports and the revenue it generates for these establishments. Our new commercial package aligns with the value sports services bring to these establishments.”


Curling Canada has confirmed that community based curling clubs are going to be subject to the same fees applied to for profit bars and restaurants - fees which on annual basis could range anywhere from $3,000.00 to $5,000.00. While those numbers may not seem significant to corporate executives at Rogers and Bell, they will have a pronounced impact on our clubs across the country.

Utilities as a whole make up 30% of all expenses for curling rinks. This represents a major drain on curling club financial resources. The new fees Rogers and Bell are charging will literally make it difficult to keep the lights on for some facilities.

Curling clubs are unique. Putting them in the same category of sports bars and restaurants doesn’t make sense. Subjecting them to sports package fees aim at for-profit sports bars is unreasonable. We want to ensure that cable fees don’t unfairly harm your local curling center. 


  1. Email and tweet at Bell and Rogers, let them know you support the curling community
  2. Tweet at Heritage Minister Melanie Joly and Sports Minister Carla Qualtrough
  3. Post about the issue on your Facebook account and tag Minster Joly and Minister Qualtrough
  4. Encourage people you know to visit to get engaged and learn more about the issue

    Click here to read more about how you can help 

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