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(Males 6 – 9, Females 6 – 8 years of age)

(Late Entry curlers can speed through this stage)

The FUNdamental stage of the LTAD is to introduce the overall movement skills in the sport of curling.Sports provide an excellent introduction to skills such as agility, coordination, balance and strength.During this stage the focus should be on fun and participation to be able to develop basic skills and emotional development. Introduce simple rules and ethics of the sport of curling. Young athletes should participate in a variety of sports to gain the basic physical literacy to support specialization later. The goal of Fundamentals is to ensure the athlete has a general overall development.


League in a Box-Junior

CurlManitoba has developed a League in a Box for juniors that assist clubs in developing effective curling programs. The League in a Box has 22 weekly plans including fun activities, wind up games and lots of drills.The program may be purchases through CurlManitoba. 

Junior Learn to Curl Program

This is an introductory instructional program for boys and girls between the ages 11 and 18 years of age who have little or no curling experience.  Instruction will teach the proper technique of brushing and the flat foot, no-lift delivery, as well as the basic rules, terminology, etiquette and strategy. 

Evaluation Badges

CurlManitoba has an evaluation program with a report card and badges that are related to the LTAD stages of curling. All leagues can request an evaluation of their curlers. The program is for all ages.

Instructional Leagues

Many curling clubs in Manitoba offer a little rock program for youth.  The programs are available through contacted your local curling club.CurlManitoba offers an instructional league for beginners.  Enter as an individual and enjoy weekly instruction, fun games and socializing with your peers.


CurlManitoba offers lessons throughout the season. CurlManitoba offers clinics to curling club groups for correcting and detecting techniques that will enable a curler to improve their game.

Junior Leagues

Many curling centres throughout Manitoba offer a junior program.  The programs are available through contacted your local curling club.