MB Curling Hall of Fame

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The Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame and Museum's objectives are:

(a)   To perpetuate the memory of those who have brought honour and distinction to curling in Manitoba as curlers, builders, curler-builders, or teams.

(b)  To elect and induct members in these categories annually.

(c)   To arrange for the funding to support the Corporation’s objectives

(d)  To collect and secure memorabilia and artifacts relating to the history of curling in Manitoba.

(e)   To establish and operate a place of honour for the members, with a museum to relate and display the Manitoba curling heritage.

The Hall of Fame and Museum are governed by a Board of Directors.

The Directors for 2013-2014 are




Nadia Hanesiak


Russ Hinds

Vice- President



 Heather Helston


Garry DeBlonde


Judi Mason

Banquet Chair

Adele Helston

Publicity Chair

Nicolle Brockie

Auction Chair

Cheryl Muir

Selection Chair

Bob McNaughton

Auction Committee

Nadia Hanesiak, Paul Batchelor

Selection Committee

Norm Magnusson, Garry McEwen, Russ Hinds, Delaine Mortimer

CurlManitoba Representative

Norm Magnusson



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