CurlManitoba Honourary Life Members

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Years 1960 to 1969
Name Date Club
Lily Alexander 1960-05-01 St. John's
Naomi Runner 1960-05-01 Treherne
Thelma Rolston 1960-05-01 St. Vital
Treasure Rigby 1960-05-01 Fort Rouge
Bill Peckover 1960-05-01 Sperling
Steve Oliver 1960-05-01 Selkirk
Lew Moore 1960-05-01 Emerson
Bessie McIntyre 1960-05-01 Victoria
Mike Kaminsky 1960-05-01 Grain Exchange
Syd Henderson 1960-05-01 Heather
Earl Burkett 1960-05-01 Flin Flon
Daisy Brust 1960-05-01 Civic Cal
Horace Thomas 1961-05-01 Deer Lodge
Marge Palmer 1961-05-01 Thistle
George Kirkhope 1961-05-01 Elmwood
George Jackman 1961-05-01 Dauphin
Daisy Hutchison 1961-05-01 Grain Exchange
Lily Clark 1961-05-01 Portage
Vera Cassidy 1961-05-01 West Kildonan
Don Atkinson 1961-05-01 St. Vital
Charlie Argue 1961-05-01 Mather
Charlie Precious 1962-05-01 Seven Sisters
Aileen Prest 1962-05-01 Deer Lodge
Ida Unsworth 1962-05-01 Emerson
Bob Watson 1962-05-01 Fort Garry
Jack Wells 1962-05-01 Media - Radio-TV
Mona Whalley 1962-05-01 Strathcona
Max Perry 1962-05-01 Deloraine
Max McElheran 1962-05-01 Thistle
Ab Brown 1962-05-01 Victoria
Laura Clark 1962-05-01 Valour Road
Jim Duncan 1962-05-01 Virden
Ken Fraser 1962-05-01 Hamiota
Marjorie Houston 1962-05-01 Strathcona
Leo Johnson 1962-05-01 Strathcona
Cec Pooles 1963-05-01 Civic Cal
Fred Pilsher 1963-05-01 Brandon
Dr. Boyd McTavish 1963-05-01 Granite
Etta Greenberg 1963-05-01 Maple Leaf
Walter Forrester 1963-05-01 Emerson
Don Dunlop 1963-05-01 St. Paul, Minnesota
Kay Balcaen 1963-05-01 Pembina
Lura McLuckie 1964-05-01 Elmwood
Bob McFarlane 1964-05-01 Granite
Cy McCallum 1964-05-01 Dauphin
Lyle Dyker 1964-05-01 Strathcona
Pinkie Davie 1964-05-01 Flin Flon
John Baker 1964-05-01 Elmwood
Jim Adamson 1964-05-01 Gladstone
Joseph Sparman 1965-05-01 Lac du Bonnet
Norman Smith 1965-05-01 Elmwood
Charlie Scrymgeour 1965-05-01 Deer Lodge
Rev Bruce MacDonald 1965-05-01 Granite
Edith Houston 1965-05-01 Fort Rouge
Gerald Harrington 1965-05-01 Benito
George Goodrick 1965-05-01 Granite
Dagmar Ferguson 1965-05-01 Minnedosa
Tom Christison 1965-05-01 Morris
Cliff Allbutt 1965-05-01 Charleswood
Ward Williams 1966-05-01 Granite
Jimmy Welsh 1966-05-01 Deer Lodge
Tremayne Thompson 1966-05-01 Oak River
Vic Siddall 1966-05-01 West Kildonan
Ina Senebald 1966-05-01 Civic Cal
Frank Sargent 1966-05-01 Port Arthur, Ontario
Verna Newton 1966-05-01 Dauphin
Wilf Lee 1966-05-01 Strathclair
Dr. Lorrie Howden 1966-05-01 Heather
Reg Towerzey 1967-05-01 Civic Cal
Dick Sanderson 1967-05-01 Carman
Harold Murphy 1967-05-01 Deer Lodge
Gordon Law 1967-05-01 Grain Exchange
Izzy Greenberg 1967-05-01 Portage
Flo Ducharme 1967-05-01 Brandon
Miriam Cameron 1967-05-01 Winter Club
Bert Cameron 1967-05-01 Granite
Jack Burgess 1967-05-01 Minnedosa
Joan Whalley 1968-05-01 Deer Lodge
Stan Oleson 1968-05-01 Glenboro
Anne Mills 1968-05-01 Stony Mountain
Andy McWilliams 1968-05-01 Fort Rouge
Gord McTavish 1968-05-01 Granite
Chaud Johnson 1968-05-01 Drayton, North Dakota
Ralph Hamovich 1968-05-01 Maple Leaf
Ted Daubert 1968-05-01 Flin Flon
Fred Mowat 1969-05-01 Gladstone
Ed Keep 1969-05-01 Civic Cal
Bruce Hudson 1969-05-01 Strathcona
Chuck Hay 1969-05-01 Scotland
Gladys Darling 1969-05-01 Grain Exchange
Joe Arnason 1969-05-01 Gimli
Ted Armstrong 1969-05-01 Valour Road
Helen Wishart 1969-05-01 Portage

History: CurlManitoba has been recognizing individuals for their contributions to the game of curling in our province since 1907. Since that time nearly 700 individuals have been recognized by CurlManitoba, former MCA and MLCA with Honourary Life Memberships.

What is it?  CurlManitoba annually recognizes a maximum of four individuals who have provided volunteer service to the game of curling in the Province on behalf of the CurlManitoba. This service must have taken place over a significant period of time.

Examples of long service can include:

- regional chairman
- involvement in the Development program which can include the summer curling camps
- long time member of the officiating program
- long time member of CurlManitoba or the former MCA and MLCA Board of Directors
- long time member of a committee that operates at arms length to CurlManitoba, including the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame & Museum, Manitoba Curling Foundation, Westman Curling Foundation.
- long time member of the CurlManitoba Ice Technician program
- other volunteer efforts on behalf of CurlManitoba or the MCA or MLCA.

Note: Recognition does not include on ice curling achievements or work done by individuals in their home club. In addition no posthumous nominations are accepted.

What An HLM Receives: Those who have been awarded an Honorary Life Membership will receive a framed certificate, a label pin, a name bar and a Honourary Life Member medal. The presentations are usually made at the CurlManitoba Annual General Meeting Alternative timing and venue may be proposed. The individual will be featured on the CurlManitoba website and will be included in a permanent HLM listing on the website. A Life Members reception-dinner, usually held in the fourth calendar quarter of the year, provides an opportunity to welcome the new Life Members into the fellowship of this select group of curling volunteers.

How to Nominate: An individual may be nominated by their curling club or any individual who can provide in letter form a detailed listing of the nominee's long service that makes the individual worthy of this honour. Nominations should be submitted to the CurlManitoba office at  

145 Pacific Ave, Winnipeg. R3B 2Z6 or by email to no later than March 15 of each year.

Nomination Review:  At least 90 days prior to the AGM,  the CurlManitoba President (or the Awards Committee Chair on behalf of the President) will convene a meeting of the HLM Nominating Committee where all nominations will be reviewed. The President will then take the nomination report to a Meeting of the CurlManitoba Board of Directors for ratification, after which the CurlManitoba President will contact the successful nominees. Letter applications will remain on file for a minimum of 3 years.

The 2016 CurlManitoba Honorary Life Members are as follows:

Sam Antila - Burntwood CC

Kim Warburton - Fort Rouge CC
Russ Hinds - Charleswood CC

The 2015 CurlManitoba Honorary Life Members are as follows:

John Graham – Safeway/Sobeys (presented at Safeway Championship-Brandon)
Hilda Towerzey - Piper
Paul Wiecek - Winnipeg Free Press
Rob Van Kommer - Carberry CC

The 2014 CurlManitoba Honorary Life Members are as follows:

Jim Winfield-Grandview CC
Sharon Thiessen-Woods-Heather CC
Anni Markman-Ste Anne CC