Manitoba Open

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Congratulations to the following teams that earned their berth into the Viterra Championships:

Richard Muntain (Pinawa) - Nathan Asham, Brad Van Wallegham, Rodney Legault
Ron Wescott (Fort Rouge) - Howard Restall, Dave Hardy, Don Shiach, fifth Bob Boughey
Greg Mikolajek (Fort Rouge) - Ian Harkness, Clinton Fuz, Dean Nero

January 19 - 23, 2017

HALFspiel January 20 - 22, 2017

Click Here for Manitoba Open and HALFspiel Information.

OPENING CEREMONY - Fort Garry Curling Club
CLOSING CEREMONIES - Heather Curling Club, Charleswood Curling Club

 Contact Headquarters: 204-925-5727

CurlManitoba is once again having a contest for the best Caesar!
Click Here to vote!

Click Here for St Vital's entertainment!

Click here for Rossmere's entertainment!

Click here for the Heather Curling Club's food and beverage specials!

Click here for the Fort Garry Curling Club's entertainment!  Grant The One Man Band will be at the Fort Garry On Friday 
and Saturday!  Come out and party to the wee hours and enjoy the MCA!!!

The Charleswood Curling club will have live entertainment on both Friday and Saturday night.  Friday's feature
is "The Arnold Street Collective" and Saturday will be "Wayne Link and Friends".  Drink specials will be available
both nights.

*****VITERRA ELIGIBILITY:  At the 16s of the 3 main events (ASHAM, FREE PRESS, NOTT AUTOCORP) any team awarded a berth must meet all eligibility requirements INCLUDING the Broom Morotorium.

CM2, CM4 and CM5 are byes.  You do not need to be at the club if you play one of these two teams.

Draw #1

Draw #2

Draw #3 Friday 9 a.m.

Draw #4 Friday noon

Draw #5 Friday 3 p.m.

Draw #6 Friday 6 p.m.

Draw #7  Friday, 9 p.m.

Draw #8 Saturday, 9 a.m.

Draw #9  Saturday, Noon

Draw #10 Saturday 3 p.m.

Draw #11 Saturday 6 p.m.

Draw #12  Saturday 9 p.m.

Draw #13  Sunday 9 a.m.

Draw #14  Sunday noon

Draw #15 Sunday 3 p.m.

Draw #16 Sunday 6 p.m.

Draw #17  Sunday 9 p.m.

Finals  Monday 7 p.m.

Congratulations to all event winners!

A-Asham Event Manitoba Open - Winner - Dennis Bohn

B-Free Press Event Manitoba Open - Winner - Derek Oryniak

C-Nott Autocorp Event Manitoba Open - Winner - David Bohn

D-Bituminex Paving Event Manitoba Open - Winner - Kelly Marnoch

E-Original 16 Event Manitoba Open - Winner - Rick Drabyk

F-Lafarge Construction Event Manitoba Open - Winner - Dan Michalchuk

G-Chartered Professional Accountants Event Manitoba Open (Lazer Grant) - Winner - Kyle McNaughton

H-Manitoba Pork Event Manitoba Open - Winner - Rob Keough

I-Monsanto Event Manitoba Open - Winner - Clarence Kohut

J-Best Western Event Manitoba Open - Winner - Jordan Smith

K-Atkins Event Manitoba Open - Winner - Andrew Wickman

L-Manitoba Hydro Event Manitoba Open - Winner - John Jacques

M-Winnipeg Moving & Storage Event Manitoba Open - Winner - Justin Shega

HALFspiel Asham Event A  - Winner - Randy Neufeld

HALFspiel Asham Event B - Winner - Colleen Kilgallen

HALFspiel Asham Event C - Winner - Spencer Friesen

HALFspiel  Asham Event D - Winner - Brian Kushner

Thank you to the following sponsors of the Manitoba Open!