Membership Benefits

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CurlManitoba is an association representing a diverse member ship including curling facilities, leagues, associations and individual participants.  These members come from across the province and include rural and urban facilities, competitive curlers, grassroots curlers and all ages.

There are many tangible and intangible benefits that members receive from CurlManitoba.  Member benefits will vary depending upon the type of membership. 

For a chart of complete benefits please click here.


A voice in the future of curling

Facility, cubs and associate represent their participants and provide their curlers with voice in curling at the provincial level.  Through representation and a vote at the CurlManitoba AGM.  Clubs also have the right to have a member stand for election.  In addition clubs have a voice in the growth of curling in Manitoba and Canada through regional meetings, and communication with board and staff

Financial Support

CurlManitoba members have access to a number of grants to assist them in facility and program development.  These grants include bingo grants, the CurlManitoba Development Fund, travel grants, and hosting grants. CurlManitoba recently secured a group rate on debit and credit card rates to help clubs save money.  We have also initiated a group fundraising effort to provide clubs, leagues and curlers the opportunity to raise valuable funds.  Clubs also have the opportunity to host events, which can be a very important fundraiser for clubs.

Here are some grants that may assist your club:
Manitoba Community Places Program
Manitoba Community Services Council
CO-OP Connection - Community Spaces Program

Communication and Networking

Symposiums and seminars assist clubs in recruiting new members, improved facility operations, marketing, volunteer recruitment and networking. Access to CurlManitoba mail outs to promote bonspiels, leagues, programs and services. Opportunity to advertise and submit articles to the e-newsletter and website. A page on the CurlManitoba website to promote your facility, club or league.  We provide opportunities for junior curling coordinators the chance to meet and share ideas and resources to help improve their program.


CurlManitoba continues to work with clubs and curlers to provide new resources to help run leagues and programs.  We provide junior-curling coordinators with all the resources needed to run a junior curling league.  We have developed new programs such as the Tots and Rocks and Road Show programs to help provide clubs with new opportunities to draw in new curlers and revenue for their clubs. CurlManitoba provides its members with the opportunity to have draws made for its leagues and bonspiels. Scorecards and draw sheets are also provided free of charge.  Our world-class ice technicians will come and work with facilities to evaluate the building, rocks, ice equipment etc and provide recommendations or work with a club to improve conditions etc


Participants receive individual benefits through their membership in CurlManitoba.  Many of the benefits that participants receive come indirectly to them through their clubs.  These indirect benefits improved facilities through facility grants, and visits by our world-class ice technicians helping to improve ice conditions for curlers.

Personal Development

Curlers are given the opportunity for skill development through clinics, lessons, and access to training resources such as manuals, CD’s, DVD’s, and video analysis.  Members interested in becoming coaches can receive training through coaching certification course and a variety of professional development opportunities.  Improved coaching also assists those curlers who choose to work with a certified coach.   We also provide opportunities for members to become ice technicians and officials.  CurlManitoba also has a number of different opportunities for individuals to volunteer providing valuable experience that can be used in their home club or outside the curling community and in everyday life.


These competitions include regional play offs, berth bonspiels, bonspiel, Manitoba Winter Games, Canada Games Trials.  These competitions provide curlers with the opportunity to test their skills, meet other curlers, and have fun social outings.  In addition for those interested in going on have the opportunity to compete to represent Manitoba and Canada.

Knowledge and Recognition

We assist a number of leagues and bonspiels each year with making draws.  We provide many of the rules that curlers curl by, in leagues and bonspiels.  We provide resources for league coordinators to help them improve the curling experience for curlers. CurlManitoba provides recognition for curlers in the form of awards for 8-enders, recognition of outstanding achievements, and for service to the sport of curling through Honourary Life Membership and a Volunteer Recognition program. CurlManitoba also provides a number of scholarships each year to junior curlers

A voice in the future of curling

Through representation at the CurlManitoba AGM.  Curlers also have the right to stand for election to the CurlManitoba Board of Directors.  In addition curlers have a voice in the growth of curling in Manitoba and Canada through regional meetings, and communication with board and staff.

Some of the intangible’s

Television:  Events such as the Viterra Championship are put on television and online so curling fans can enjoy the action.

Major Events:  CurlManitoba works to bring events such as the Olympic Trials, Brier and Scotties Tournament of Hearts to our Province so Manitoba curling fans can watch the best curlers in their own backyard without having to travel.  These events are also important sources of revenue used to fund things like the Development Fund.