Membership Fees

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CurlManitoba membership fees are set each year by the CurlManitoba Board of Directors.

Membership Fees 2016-17

CurlManitoba would like to thank all the clubs over the last few years that have embraced the change in collection of information and fee structure for curling in Manitoba. CurlManitoba Provincial funders have been extremely pleased that CurlManitoba has been able to provide accurate demographic information. This would not be possible without the collaboration of clubs, volunteers and club managers.

The Board of CurlManitoba has recently approved some new development initiatives which will lead to increased participation in all clubs across Manitoba. As per the strategic priorities of CurlManitoba promotion and development continue to increase in importance for CurlManitoba and are a number one priority as we continue into the future.

CurlManitoba membership fees will remain the same for the 2016/17 curling season.  CurlManitoba is able to announce that the membership will be $6 dollars per participant member including GST.

As per the CurlManitoba Membership policy, all clubs are being notified prior to December 31, 2015 in preparation for the 2016/17 season.  

CurlManitoba is proud to announce establishment of a Regional Mentorship program available to curling clubs in Manitoba. This mentorship program is designed to develop athletes, coaches and umpires in all sport regions throughout Manitoba. At the present time our sport regions do not have the resources they need to be able to have ready access to assistance.  This kind of development effort is necessary to help re-build the sport of curling at the club and grassroots level. The CurlManitoba regional Mentorship program will enable CurlManitoba to have resources in all 7 regions throughout Manitoba and fill the needs of all our athletes at all levels of curling.

CurlManitoba will continue to strive to increase partner benefits and pass along programs to the clubs.

 Making Curling Stronger as a member facility of the CurlManitoba your club is helping to strengthen curling within Manitoba and Canada.  Your affiliation fees go to supporting coaches’ development, officials’ development and athlete development.  Your support helps allow CurlManitoba to provide the many programs and services it does to clubs and curlers. 

This filters back down into your individual clubs through improved skills, and knowledge. In addition, important recognition and support is provided for your volunteers to assist them with running your club.  Combined, these help provide for the future of the sport and your club.

Membership 2016-17

Facilities and Clubs shall pay

a)     Artificial ice - $100 plus GST

b)    Natural ice - $25 plus GST

c)     Subject to Canadian Curling Association (CCA) affiliation fees.  Currently $85 per sheet

Associates shall pay

a)     Facilities, Clubs, leagues, other organizations  - $100 plus GST

  • Subject to Participant fee if the Facility, Club, league or other organization have league(s)/program(s) that are ongoing, long term in nature and have multiple sessions.
  • Facilities or Clubs will not be subject to the Participant fee if there is no league/program that is ongoing, long term in nature and has multiple sessions, but are only open for one or more bonspiels during the year

b)     Organizations that are constituted for the sole purpose of holding competition to determine a provincial champion leading to a national championship which includes at least 50% of the Member Associations of the CCA.   Associate members of CurlManitoba during 2010-11 shall be considered to be grandfathered under 2010-11 rules subject to approval by CurlManitoba.

  • $250 plus GST
  • Not subject to Participant fee

Participants shall pay

a)  $6 including GST

Honourary Life Membership

a)  No fee shall be levied for this class of membership.


a)     Coaches - $5

b)    Officials - $5; includes Umpires, Timekeepers and Ice Technicians

Facility, Club and Associate fees – includes a membership for up to 2 ice technicians

    The fee shall be waived if during the year the Coach or Official participates in at least one event sanctioned by CurlManitoba, or participates in a course or seminar endorsed, offered or organized by CurlManitoba.


    Facility, Club and Associate fees – payment due April 1st for the upcoming curling season.

    Participant fees – the Facility, Club and Associate are responsible to collect the fee from each participant and remit the fees to CurlManitoba according to the following schedule:

    1. Initial 50% due – November 15th

    Participant information must be submitted in the prescribed format with the initial payment

    1. Final 50% due – December 1st
    2. Facilities, Clubs or Associates that are not open until November 15th or later must contact CurlManitoba by November 15th to make alternate arrangements.

    CurlManitoba reserves the right to audit the Participant fees remitted by the Facilities, Clubs and Associates.

    Supporter fees –

    1. Coaches and Officials – at the time of application
    2. Other supporters - open

    The Board of Directors shall review and determine the CurlManitoba membership fees annually and shall declare them to the members no later than December 31st of each year for the following year.


    Facility, Club and Associate fees – there will be an administration fee of $35 for refunds.  A request for a refund must be received in writing by October 15th.  No refund after October 15th.  If applicable, the Facility, Club or Associate will not be required to pay the Participant fee.

    Participant fees – no refund of the total amount of the Participant fees remitted by a Facility, Club or Associate to CurlManitoba back to a Facility, Club or Associate.