Open Your Doors

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We know there are many more curling fans than there are curlers – mostly they are television curling fans who have never tried the game. In lots of cases, the problem for them is as simple as not knowing how to make the first step.

So let’s make that first step for them by “OPEN YOUR DOORS”!!! Let’s welcome those folks to drop in to your curling facility, look around, and step on the ice for the first time (or maybe for the first time in several years).

You can make your own plans that fit your own situation – but a key aspect will be getting a few of your experienced curlers to be there to greet people and show them the basics of our sport. The enthusiasm of curlers is infectious – your current members will be your greatest asset in ‘infecting visitors with the curling bug’.

Your Club’s role:
a)      Do It
b)      Find a key individual (club member)
c)       Set a date and time
d)      Advertise

CurlManitoba’s role in assisting your club:
a)      Developing a poster with a blank space for you to write in your local plan’s dates and times. Your job will be to distribute these to the bulletin boards in the gas stations, coffee shops and other community crossroads locations (not the curling club bulletin board since your target audience will not be looking there)
b)      Developing a news release to mass distribution
c)      Create a template-- it can be customized for local community newspapers
d)      Provide a 30 minute and 60 minute lesson template
e)      Promoting the “OPEN YOUR DOORS” plans – and your specific event details on the CurlManitoba website (realizing that the target audience won’t be looking there either unless we can get their attention first in other ways and invite them there)
f)       Starting a social media campaign – twitter, facebook, even ‘old-fashioned’ email – for you to forward to club members (who can then pass it on to their contacts who might be interested)
g)      Provide equipment if need be

We all seem to talk about the fact that curling numbers are declining. It is time for us to begin doing something about it. It can begin by “Opening Your Doors”.

By working together CURLMANITOBA and all Curling Clubs can make this happen!! 

For more information, you can contact Elaine by email at or by phone at 204-926-8408.