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Click Here for the 2014-2015 Rule Book.
Click Here for the Application for Exemption of Residency Requirements

2014/15 Rule Changes

Note: Please view the official 2014/15 CurlManitoba Rule Book for any rules clarification.

A brief outline of the rule changes are as follows:
1. In all regionals qualifiers and berth bonspiels the coin toss will be to determine the choice of practice (1st or 2nd) OR the choice of color.  

2. All 8 end games will have a bell of 1 hour and 45 minutes.
3. Allow CurlManitoba to determine the type of draw necessary for all CurlManitoba events leading up to Provincial Championships.
4. A one year trial for draw to the button for hammer for all events leading up to provincials except for junior events was piloted last season and has been accepted at this time. 
5. Draw to the button for hammer for all junior events leading up to provincials has been put into place.
         -If a coach stays in the ice area or assists the team’s attempt at the draw for hammer the event assistant will notify CurlManitoba.  CurlManitoba will take action as follows:
               a)  warning
               b)  disqualification of the coach at the next event
               c)  disqualification for the season
6.   For the Spring Bonspiels (junior, Safeway and Scotties) awarding berths to the 2015-2016 Championships, all players of a team must be an eligible member of any Member Curling Club of CurlManitoba during the 2014-2015 season.  At the commencement of the 2015-2016 season, the successful team must meet the eligibility requirements of the season.
7. If a junior team does not have a coach for any CurlManitoba event (berths, regional qualifiers, provincial championships) the team may call their time-outs but the opposing team’s coach will not be allowed to access the ice area for the time-out.
8. At the Youth Winter and the Youth Spring Spiels a minimum of 6 ends must be completed to declare the game over.
9. Coaches are required to have completed the Making Ethical Decisions on line evaluation prior to the Youth Winter and Youth Spring Spiels.
10.  To allow athletes to slide prior to the 1 minute warning at all Provincial Championships
11.  Coaching Certification must be completed a minimum of 30 days prior to any Provincial Championship. 
          (On ice evaluations must be scheduled and confirmed)
12.   At all provincial championships where 8 sheets of ice are used for a combined event.  Each event will be played on 4 distinct sheets with the playoffs being on the same 4 sheets.  Stones will be chosen only from the 4 sheets assigned to each championship.
13.  At the Provincial Mixed Championship, only teams with a positive win/loss record may advance to the playoff round.  The playoff round composition may vary in number to a maximum of 8 teams.
14.  At all Provincial Championships, if an athlete kicks off a stone prior to the SBR measurement the team will be given the distance of the outside of the next closest ring.
15.   Mandate that at all Provincial Championships, all athletes must display the Title and Presenting Sponsor crests on their uniforms (where crests are available)
16.  Berth Allocation was reviewed and the following changes were made.  An allocation recap is attached.
                a)     Returning Provincial Champions that release their berth, the berth will revert to the MCT point standing.  The berth will be awarded first at the conclusion of the MCT Championship.
                b)    The 2 CTRS berths will be allocated, firstly to last season’s top Manitoba ranked team that meets all CurlManitoba eligibility requirements, secondly to the Mb Team at the top of the current years standing as of December 15, 2014
                c)     A berth will be awarded to the Senior Men’s previous seasons Provincial Championship as long as the team meets CurlManitoba’s eligibility requirements
                d)    A berth will be allocated to the host club for both the Mixed Championship and the Dominion Championship


Rule Changes

If you have a rule change that you would like to be implemented please click on the following link to download a copy of the rules submission form.

All proposed rules changes are reviewed by the CurlManitoba Rules Committee.

Rules Committee

CurlManitoba rules are reviewed each year by the CurlManitoba Rules Committee.  The Rules Comittee is an operational Committee of CurlManitoba.  For a copy of the Committee's Terms of Reference please click here.

CCA General Rules of Play

To access the Canadian Curling Association general rules of play please click on the link below.

CCA General Rules of Play