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New Sport Region Boundaries
For the 2017-18 season, only Manitoba Games events will follow the new Sport Region Boundaries.
All other CurlManitoba Events will follow the new Sport Region Boundaries in the 2018-19 season.
Click here for more information on which clubs are located in each region.


Click here for rule changes for the 2017-18 season.

Sweeping Moratorium
Residency Policy - Men, Women
Residency Policy - Mixed, Seniors, Juniors
Residency Policy - Wheelchair

If you have a rule change that you would like to be implemented please click on the following link to download a copy of the rules submission form.

Rules Committee

All proposed rules changes are reviewed by the CurlManitoba Rules Committee.

CurlManitoba rules are reviewed each year by the CurlManitoba Rules Committee.  The Rules Comittee is an operational Committee of CurlManitoba.  For a copy of the Committee's Terms of Reference please click here.

Curling Canada General Rules of Play

To access the Canadian Curling Association general rules of play please click on the link below.

CCA General Rules of Play


Provincial Berths awarded through non-CurlManitoba Events

These Events are as follows:

        Thistle Senior Men’s Bonspiel with a Berth
        Granite Senior Men’s Bonspiel with a Berth
        Brandon Senior Men’s Bonspiel with a Berth
        Brandon Men’s Bonspiel with a Berth
        Brandon Master Men’s Bonspiel with a Berth

All Teams earning a berth awarded through the CTRS Point System, MCT and MJCT must call CurlManitoba and pay Competitor Fees and a berth acceptance fee of $225.00 to the Provincial Championship.

CTRS Berths – 2 Women’s Berths
                     3 Men’s Berths

Manitoba Curling Tour –  Women
                     1 Champion
                     1 Highest Ranked Team
1 Champion
                     2 Highest Ranked Teams

Manitoba Junior Curling Tour – 1 Highest Ranked Team at the completion of the Championship for Junior Women and Junior Men

Please contact Elaine at CurlManitoba at 204-926-8408