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How does the new program work?
As mentioned previously the new program is designed in three easy steps that provide the students with an understanding and appreciation for the sport of curling.

Step one
:  Book a Rocks and Rings session. The program visits participating schools for a full school day. The program takes over the gym and classes take turns visiting for 40 minutes sessions of fun and instruction. Various drills, relays and team-building activities are used to introduce students to the sport of curling. It is a highly interactive program with the emphasis on fun! Unique indoor floor curling equipment is used to provide a true curling experience without requiring ice! These clinics can be booked at the following website

Step two
: Getting Started in Curling. After your Rocks and Rings session CurlManitoba will lend you a set of indoor gym rocks and will provide you with the Getting Started in Curling resources and program. A school may book the gym set (gym rocks and the program) for 2 weeks at a time. Once the Getting Started in Curling program is complete, after 6 “in gym” sessions, a two-hour on ice clinic will be arranged. There is no cost for the Getting Started in Curling Program, which includes the gyms rocks, but a deposit of $100 is required upon pickup.  While we require the gym rocks back the Getting Started in Curling Resources are yours to keep.

Step three
:  Book your two-hour on ice clinic and ice at the curling club nearest you.  CurlManitoba will provide certified instructors who, with the assistance of the teacher(s), will provide an on ice two-hour clinic where students will have the opportunity to take the skills they practiced in the school and apply them on the ice.

Expenses for the on ice clinic are the responsibility of the school.  These expenses include ice rental and the cost of clinicians.  Clinicians cost $50.00 per clinic (plus mileage) and the ratio requirements are 8:1.  
You can contact Tracey Ewasko by email at or by phone at 204-925-5721.

Please note we will longer book stand alone on ice clinics.