Sponsorship and Marketing Opportunities for Manitoba Business

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Overview and Background on CurlManitoba

 CurlManitoba is responsible for overseeing the game of curling in Manitoba.  We provide a variety of events, coaching, club, officials and athlete development programs to Manitoban’s. CurlManitoba is looking to develop partnerships, which will assist businesses and organizations with accomplishing their goals and objectives while at the same time providing valuable support to CurlManitoba to increase the quality and value of our programs and services.   We have recently began a new branding strategy that we believe signifies an important changing of the guard in curling as we move forward in the new millennium.  This has started with a change in our operational name from the Manitoba Curling Association to CurlManitoba and a brand new logo.

CurlManitoba has been providing programs and services for the community since 1889. We are a leader in the country in curling and are often considered to be the curling capital of Canada with more than 50,000 active curlers. We currently have more than 100 affiliated clubs throughout the Province of Manitoba.  

Curling is a community-based sport at which Canadians excel. It’s a sport where physical skill is combined with teamwork and strategy to create one of the most social activities Canadians enjoy. Curling is also one of Canada’s premier winter sports with more than 700,000 Canadians taking part. With the 2010 Olympics curling was a featured sport in Canada. It is anticipated that we will be able to take advantage of this opportunity and exposure to grow the sport.

CurlManitoba has a long history of working with sponsors ranging from Safeway, to Manitoba's Credit Unions, to Tim Hortons, to Manitoba Canola Growers, among many others.  We have been able to work with our partners to ensure that the events, programs and services they sponsor continue to meet their goals and objectives.  We will strive to create a personal relationship between CurlManitoba and businesses so that the partnership is mutually beneficial and one that is valued by both parties.

How this partnership will benefit your business.

CurlManitoba is in a unique position to meet a variety of goals and objectives of our sponsors.  From events we run to the programs and services we offer to curlers and curling clubs we are able to develop a wide range of opportunities.

  • Opportunity to create awareness and visibility with 50,000+ curlers; From television and newspaper advertising opportunities with high profile events such as the Safeway Provincial Men’s Championship which is carried on TV across Manitoba and Canada to signage and in ice logos with other Provincial Championship events to website advertisements;
  • Opportunity to engage individuals who will use your services and products; Whether it’s displays at Provincial Championship events, using employee’s as ambassadors and leaders in delivering programs or simply inviting important customers to attend events we can provide businesses the opportunity enhance or develop important customer relationships.
  • A partnership with the CurlManitoba allows companies to target all corners of our Province; CurlManitoba is a unique organization that has an ongoing interactive relationship with all of our stakeholders.  We are able provide your business the opportunity to make a connection with curlers and clubs. From Thompson to Killarney to Altona and into Winnipeg CurlManitoba will work with your business to develop its profile as a strong supporter of curling.  Our opportunities allow you to be locally relevant but provincially consistent.
  • Opportunity to strengthen existing marketing initiatives; CurlManitoba works hard with its partners to incorporate your existing marketing initiatives into our programs and events, helping to reinforce what you are already doing and at the same time minimizing cost’s.
  • A variety of opportunities to pick and chose from; high profile events, volunteer recognition, camps, clinics, and business seminars are just a few of the opportunities we are responsible for.  This diversity will allow the your business to select opportunities that will help it achieve goals such as awareness, brand reinforcement, or enhancing customer relations.  These opportunities create customer experiences that will help drive business growth.

For more information contact Craig Baker at 925-5725 or by email at cbaker@curlmanitoba.org