Our Strategic Plan

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CurlManitoba has always been a strong organization.  As the sport has evolved and the environment has changed, including recognition as an Olympic sport, the need for CurlManitoba to change, grow and evolve in our planning process has changed as well.  This update of the CurlManitoba Strategic Plan will help provide the organization and its stakeholders with a clear vision for the future and a guiding document that will allow us to reach our vision of being a leader in a premier winter sport.

This plan will: 

  • Make us accountable to our members
  • Provide a framework for measuring our success and failures
  • Provide a transparent process for reporting
  • Provide a guideline for the allocation of resources (time, human and financial)

About Us

The Manitoba Curling Association operating as CurlManitoba is the provincial sport governing body for the sport of curling in Manitoba. We are a non-profit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors established to facilitate the promotion, development and growth of the sport of curling in Manitoba.  We are guided by our members, their expectations and the trust they place in us to act as stewards of the sport.

Our Mission, Vision and Values provide the mandate for the organization and are used as the guiding principles in helping us to develop our strategic plan.

Stakeholders-Curling Community

CurlManitoba is a collaborative organization in a curling community with multiple stakeholders.  We encourage and require the input of all of these stakeholders to assist us in achieving our vision.  Their support is vital to our long-term success and survival. Each of these stakeholders will have a different role to play in the decisions and actions of CurlManitoba. Stakeholders could expect to have input on the decisions we make, they expect to be informed about the decisions we make and they may expect to be involved in the decision making process.

Strategic Areas

To guide and prioritize our actions and decisions CurlManitoba has defined three strategic areas. These draw on the Canadian Sport Policy and the 4 Pillars of Capacity, Interaction, Participation and Excellence.  The strategic direction and priorities for CurlManitoba were established through extensive consultation with stakeholders and the curling community (surveys, regional meetings, town hall session, Board planning sessions facilitated by StrategyMakers Consulting Inc.) and will serve as the basis of planning for the next 3-5 years.

Strategic Area #1-PARTICIPATION  

  • Proactive recruitment of curlers and volunteers will be pursued and promoted at all levels of the sport through a collaborative and coordinated approach


  • Partner with the curling community to develop programming consistent with the principles of LTAD and Curling for Life to improve retention of participants, while recognizing that different programs will require approaches tailored to the needs and interests of participants.


  • Engage the curling community to ensure shared transparency, dialogue and responsibility to move CurlManitoba’s programs and activities forward
  • Develop a focused plan for strengthening the financial stability of Curl Manitoba and its programs and activities.
  • Collaborate with the curling community to look at ways to develop a long-term strategy for curling facilities and infrastructure.

Click Here for a copy of the CurlManitoba Strategic Plan