Train to Compete

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  Train 2 Compete

(Males 16 – 23 +/-, Females 15 – 21 +/- years of age)

(Any age athlete that would like to improve their skills)

The Train to Compete stage is the start of the development for sport specific and position specific training. This stage indicates the time for specialization to a sport. Training of playing skills should take place under competitive conditions. A coach must have the ability to identify the needs of the athlete at the technical, tactical, physical, and mental levels. Physical conditioning must be sport specific. Periodization is introduced at this stage and encompasses single, double or triple activity. This entails coordination of all aspects of training as well as competition and recovery. An integrated plan is required to produce optimal improvements. This stage is the start of specialization. Sport specific training of technical, tactical and physical components should take place 9-12 times per week.


Canada Games 

Sport Canada offer a competition every 4 years which CurlManitoba takes advantage of.  The program offers an opportunity to compete against other Manitobans for the opportunity to represent Manitoba at the Canada Games. The successful team has the opportunity to attend the Canada games and have the opportunity of to experience living in a village and having the opportunity to experience an environment similar to the Olympics.

Provincial Championships

On an annual basis, CurlManitoba provides an opportunity to all athletes, no matter their age, to compete at a Provincial Championship.