Train to Train

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Train 2 Train

(Males 12 – 16, Females 11 – 15 years of age)

(Any age athlete that would like to improve their skills)

The Train to Train stage is the start of specialization in the sport of curling. This stage entails a higher level of sport specific skill development as well as the introduction of the major fitness stage.  Fitness includes aerobic and strength, along with the peak height velocity. All developmental aspects of the sport are introduced including integrated mental, cognitive and emotional development along with proper technique for delivery, sweeping and strategy and tactics.Fitness should increase to include free weights and sport specific training should increase to 6-9 times per week, including other sports.This stage will be single or double periodization.In this stage coaches must be able to identify what needs to be trained.The goal of the T2T stage is to progress to the sport specific skill development area.  This stage requires a higher level of skill, physical fitness and mental preparation.


U18 Program

CurlManitoba offers this program every year. This program offers an opportunity to compete at a provincial level with other athletes throughout the province. The 3 day event is hosted in a Manitoba community and gives athletes an opportunity to experience an environment similar to the Junior Provincial Championships.

Sport Regional Qualifiers/ Berth Bonspiels         

CurlManitoba offers two competitions throughout the curling season to allow young athletes the opportunity to test their skills. The athletes that are successful at the competitions are awarded the opportunity to compete at a CurlManitoba Provincial Championship.