Train to Win

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Train 2 Win

(Males 19 +/-, Females 18 +/- years of age)

(Any age athlete that would like to achieve a higher level in the sport of curling)

The Training to Win stage is to maintain and improve physical capacity. This stage requires further development of technical, tactical, and playing skills occurs. Training includes modelling of all possible aspects of training and performance. Athletes maximize capabilities. Periodization will be single, double, triple or multiple during this stage. Sport specific training of technical, tactical and physical components should take place 9-15 times per week. Athletes in Training to Win stages 1 and 2 include Provincial Junior and Senior members, Canadian and World Champions and National Team members.

 CurlManitoba’s High Performance Program Tier 1 (Train to Win-2) - This is a year-round, concentrated program between Sept to April, that focuses on improving performance through the continuation of sport and position specific skills in the technical, tactical and sport science areas.  It’s targeted towards teams and athletes who have competed at the provincial, national, international and the World Curling Tour competitions with aspirations of becoming World and/or Olympic Champions.  These athletes are National team members and are members of the Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba.  They are trained to peak for major competitions.   Fitness programs, recovery programs, psychological preparation and technical development are individually tailored to address each athlete’s strength and weaknesses.

CurlManitoba’s High Performance Program Tier 2 and 3 (Train to Win-1) - This program consists of year-round training sessions designed to actively assist male and female athletes and/or teams in their efforts to become provincial champions, striving for national success.  It provides teams and athletes with an opportunity to access sport science experts to improve their skills and strive for excellence. The program offers sessions ranging from sport psychology and mental training, nutrition, strength and conditioning, to technical and tactical training.


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